Dancing Through Time

Kohler‘s new “Never TOO Timeless” campaign sparks a little nostalgia in all of us. The spot follows a couple through several decades, transporting through time via mirrors. We first meet the couple in a scene reminiscent of the turn-of-the-century. The mustached man and flapper-dressed woman then dance into a roaring 20’s rest room. The Buddy Holly knock-off then swings his golden-dressed lady into the 60’s through 70’s. Finally, we find the modern-day lovers flirting through the looking glass. Dan Milligan flawlessly executed this multidimensional spot for DDB Chicago!

View all frames for this commercial drawn by Dan Milligan here: http://storyboardsinc.com/boards/view/id/176/sectionId/1/categoryId/0/#6893

Watch the full commercial here:

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