Are you ready for some football…and advertising?

Is it just us, or has the mystery and thrill of Super Bowl advertising faded a little? With more and more brands releasing their spots early, we can’t help but feel sentimental for the good old days, when we sat gripped to the edge of our seats ready for the big media reveal.

Although, we do have to admit it is still exciting to see the ads come out before the game, so we can share our work that we’ve been keeping locked down. In the spirit of instant gratification, take a look at Peter Carpenter’s Hyundai work for director Hamish Rothwell of Rattling Stick. This exciting roller coaster ride of a spot by Innocean USA makes us feel right at home… as if we’re driving on the 405 freeway at 5pm in LA on any given weekday. The only thing missing… a white Bronco and a LAPD car chase.  Enjoy!


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