Wonder Woman Fan Art

Four beautiful sketches of Wonder Woman inspired by the amazing and Wonder Woman that blew the box offices away this weekend with the most sales from any Woman Director in history. The Hollywood Reporter reports 52% of viewers were female, director Patty Jenkins said of the movie “I’m just trying to make the greatest version of Wonder Woman that I can for the people who love the character as much as I do.” Well, we LOVED IT!!!! Highly suggest seeing it as soon as possible, and get ready to be blown away by a fantastic performance by Gal Gadot, who says of her character “Wonder Woman can be very charming and warm and have so much compassion and love for the world. At the same time, she just happens to be this demigoddess who can beat the shit out of you.” 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Art by the great Bryan DeLoach, Shelley WilliamsDavid Selvadurai,  and Tim Burgard.

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