MI5 x Mark Bristol: Interview and Mural!

Our veteran artist Mark Bristol boarded many action-packed scenes in the new Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation movie out in theaters today!

Mark sat down with Drafthouse Films to give us some deep insight into his storyboarding process, his experience working with the director and creative team, and to show us how his drawn ideas make it to the big screen!

Also, in anticipation of this big blockbuster, Paramount Pictures teamed up with Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Austin, TX to create a 4-stories tall mural of one of Mark’s frames. Not just any frame, but a very iconic and pivotal point in the movie where Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt hangs from a A400 plane as it takes off! Pictured below is the mural upon completion and Mark with the muralists. The director of the film, Chris McQuarrie is as thrilled about this project as we are!

Bristol’s boards for the airplane scene:


View more film and shooting board work by Mark Bristol HERE and go see the movie today!


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