Premiere of VH1 Hindsight

Did you catch the series premiere of Hindsight on VH1 last night? The new scripted show follows a woman Becca about to embark on her second marriage, childless, and stuck in mediocrity, who suddenly wakes up in 1995 on the morning of her first to-be-failed marriage. The show has become a hit among the 90s grunge-loving and pop-culture-reminiscing generations today as Becca and her best friend Lolly jam out to goodies like Alanis Morrissette and The Cranberries while Becca (from the future) tries to explain the miracle of the iPhone.

Our uber gifted artist Jim Theodore beautifully drew the boards for the posters and digital promotional assets for the show. We at Storyboards always love to see our artist’s work come to life!

Photographed by Julie Ruiz in association with VH1.

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